Tabernacle Baptist Church
Friday, January 28, 2022

Books on Church Doctrine

These books can be purchased through the Publications Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church. To order, contact us by phone 806.744.4443 or by e-mail. 

  • Alien Baptism and the Baptist by William Manlius Nevins — $7.00 A strong Baptist stand on the authority for baptism.

  • Baptist and Inter-Denominationalism by M. L. Moser — $3.00

  • Baptists are More Than Evangelicals by Chester E. Tulga — $4.00

  • Conflict In The Cup by Dr. Ken Johnson — $.50 This pamphlet gives biblical reasons for grape juice and not fermented wine for the Lord’s Supper.

  • Fifty Lessons on the Church by Norman H. Wells — $5.00

  • Studies in the New Testament Church by Louis Entzminger — $3.00

  • The Case For Independent Baptist Churches by M. L. Moser, Jr. — $4.00 This book presents a strong argument against Associations, Conventions, and organized Fellowships.

  • The Church That Jesus Built by Roy Mason — $6.00 Proves that the church Jesus built was a Baptist Church in doctrine.

  • The Church That Jesus Loved by Norman H. Wells — $6.00 This book addresses the importance of a Baptist Church being independent.

  • The Independency Of The Local Church by E. L. Bynum — $1.00

  • The New Testament Church by T.T. Martin — $5.00