Tabernacle Baptist Church
Saturday, April 21, 2018

Devotional Thoughts

Cultural Crisis

In the United States of America, our traditional Western, Judeo-Christian culture is collapsing. It is not collapsing because it failed. On the contrary, it has given us the freest and most prosperous society in human history.
Rather, it is collapsing because we are abandoning it. Starting in the mid-1960s, we have thrown away the values, morals and standards that define traditional Western culture. In part, this has been driven by cultural radicals, people who hate our Judeo-Christian culture. Dominant in the elite, especially in the universities, the media and the entertainment industry, the cultural radicals have successfully pushed an agenda of moral relativism, militant secularism and sexual and social “liberation.”
William S. Lind, et al., Marine Corps Gazette, December 1994, p. 37