Tabernacle Baptist Church
Saturday, October 23, 2021

Bible Version Tracts

Please Contact Us Before Ordering
or write to
1911 34th Street
Lubbock TX 79411
(There is No Post Office Box)
All Prices Subject to Change
Additional Charges Will Apply
Availability of Materials Subject to Change

Notice: We no longer have a printing ministry; all of the necessary equipment has been done away with. Availability of our printed material is limited to stock on hand; much of it is already gone. There can be no more Special Orders. Again—please contact us before ordering.
  • A-210     How We Got Our Bible

  • A-217     Should We Trust The New International Version?

  • A-337     Is The New King James Version Just Another New Translation?

  • B-219     The New American Standard Version and the Deity of Christ  

     Special Order Tracts:

  • A-201     Why We Reject This Version

  • A-204     The Paraffin Sword

  • A-336     Is the Bible A Human Book?

  • B-206     God Wrote Only One Bible

  • B-214     Is The King James Version Nearest to the Original Autographs?

  • B-215     The Living Bible

  • B-349     Is the New King James Version the Word of God? 

  • "A" tracts - 10 for $2; 50 for $5; 100 for $8; 250 for $16; 500 for $28; 1000 for $44

  • "B" tracts - 12 for $2; 50 for $4; 100 for $6; 250 for $14; 500 for $22; 1000 for $36  

 Prices and shipping cost are subject to change